Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question but can’t find the answer here? Please contact one of the team on 0208 090 8489 or 0845 680 9824 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help answer your query.

Top 25 Questions:

How much does membership cost?

Membership costs from £159 and entitles the member to pick a share in one of the Club’s horses for the syndicate term, which runs for 8 months from when the share is purchased. You are welcome to buy multiple shares in a horse. Shares can be bought online, or for phone orders please contact one of the team on 0845 680 9824.

Why are some horse shares more expensive than others?

The cost of shares in each horse is determined by the training fees, and on occasion by the purchase price of the horse.

What am I paying for?

You are paying for an unrivalled experience of racehorse ownership. Your payment covers all costs, from training and feed, to vet’s bills and raceday fees for your horse. Stable visits (to all our trainers, not just the trainer of your horse) are also free of charge to Club members . It is important to note, that while we provide all the benefits you would normally associate with racehorse ownership, including your share of winnings, members have no proprietary ownership of the Club horses. This allows us to keep costs down, and therefore continue to offer shares at an affordable price.

How do I pay for my membership?

We accept debit and credit card payments, as well as paypal.

How do I pick the horse I like?

Each of the Club’s horses has a dedicated page with photos and information on the horse’s past race record and breeding. Once you’ve picked your favourite, place your order online and you’ll be sent your complimentary welcome pack with all the information on your horse, including a photo of your horse!

Is it true that members can vote on which races the Club horses run in and which jockeys ride?

Yes, though ultimately the decision rests with the trainer, we do pass on the opinion of Club members and, more often than not, it proves to be the right call!

I have little/no experience of horse racing/racehorse ownership?

The Select Racing Club welcomes members regardless of their experience and knowledge of horse racing and ownership.

Do I get a share of the prize-money won?

Yes – prize-money (after normal deductions) is divided amongst all Club members involved in each horse. The percentage share of prize-money per horse is shown on the relevant horse page on our website. Unlike other racing syndicates, we pay prize-money to all our syndicate members, even if they only have one share.

Can I buy a membership as a gift?

Of course! When you buy a share in any of our horses then you will receive a complimentary welcome pack, but we do also have a range of special gift packages too. Please refer to our ‘Gift Pack’ page on the website, or alternatively contact one of the team.

How often can I go racing?

Every member of the Select Racing Club has the chance to apply for an Owners badge (which includes entry to the parade ring to meet the trainer and jockey) when their Club horse is running, while all members are guaranteed discounted entry with the Club metal badge every time their horse runs.

Will I get racing tips and information on the Club horses?

There will be weekly updates on all the Club horses and weekly training reports from their stables. A detailed form guide for each race in which the Club has a runner will be online before the race.

What happens if one of the Club horses is sold during my membership period?

In the event your Club horse is sold or claimed, the Club will within a fortnight offer you a choice of potential alternatives.

Can I speak to someone at the Select Racing Club?

Yes! While all the information on the Club is here online, we are more than happy to talk to you about what Club membership entails, and how to get the most out of your Club membership. We have a dedicated Club manager to answer any questions you may have.

I know someone that might be interested in becoming a member – what should I do?

Send us the contact details for your friend, and if they too decide to join the Select Racing Club, then you’ll receive £20 as a ‘thank you’ from us!

Is success at the racecourse guaranteed?

While there is no way to ensure success on the track, we have great confidence in the selection of our Club horses and in the ability of the trainers the Club employs. Our syndicate manager is very experienced in both the form and bloodstock side of racing, and we only buy or lease horses that we feel can win on the racecourse for us.

How often will the Club horses run, and what happens if my horse gets injured?

There is no exact science to how often a horse can run, however we will look to have regular runners on the track throughout the year. If your horse incurs an injury that means he is unable to run at least two times during the syndicate term, the Club will within a fortnight offer you a choice of potential alternatives.

What are the Club colours?

The Club horses run in the Select Racing Club colours; maroon jacket, light blue sleeves, light blue cap with maroon diamond. However, this may be open to change if the horse is leased to us by a trainer or owner – details of what colours your horse will carry are on the relevant horse page.

Can I log into the Members Area at any time?

Yes, The Select Racing Club site operates 24 hours a day, and with daily updates on all Club horses, there’s always plenty of new information!

Can I contact other members?

There is a members messageboard where you can talk with other members about Club issues and racing in general. You may also contact other members and send private messages.

Can I contact the trainer?

There is a weekly discussion with the trainer on the members messageboard, where you can ask any questions that you may have regarding all aspects of the Club horses.

How do I log into the members area of the website?

You will be sent a Select Racing Club username and password via email when you join the Club that can be used to gain access to the members area. If you forget your password or username, don’t worry, just click on the ‘Request new password’ link on the front page.

How do I find out when a Club horse is running?

The website is updated daily and there is plenty of raceday information when the Club has a runner. However, if you would prefer to be on a mailing list that will alert you by email the day before a Club runner, please contact

How do I arrange to go to the races when the Club has a runner?

If you would like to apply for an owners badge (by ballot), please contact us online. If you are unsuccessful in the ballot, the Select Racing Club metal badge guarantees you discounted entry on every occasion that your horse runs, though you will need to organise this in advance with us.

How do I collect my share of the prize-money?

Please see the Terms and Conditions for full details.

What happens when my membership ends?

You will be contacted a month before your membership is due to expire to check whether you would like to renew your membership.

Are you approved?

In order to provide this service we strictly adhere to the Weatherbys and British Horseracing Board’s rules on racehorse ownership. We are also a ‘Recognised Company’ with Weatherby’s.

Terms and conditions of the Club:

The predominant purpose of membership in the Select Racing Club is entertainment and enjoyment of horse racing and not investment. It is important to note, that while we provide all the benefits you would normally associate with racehorse ownership, including your share of winnings, members have no proprietary ownership of the Club horses. By becoming a member of the Club you must agree to accept and abide by the terms and conditions of membership of the Club as set out on this site and as may be varied by the Club from time to time by written notice or publication on

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